At Sunglow Aesthetics, we believe that everyone’s skin deserves customized care to promote beautiful, healthy skin. That’s why we offer an array of facials that target your specific skin concerns. We’ll leave your skin feeling vitalized, rejuvenated, & more youthful with Skin Script Skin Care: our preferred line of professional-grade skincare products created by aestheticians. If you think it’s time for a facial, we will give you a comprehensive consultation to find out what your skin concerns are. This will enable us to create the perfect treatment for you and allow us to address other aesthetic concerns with synergistic treatments that can improve your overall appearance.

Acne Signature Facial

This facial treatment aims to unclog pores, minimize oily skin, and help remove milia and blemishes by performing manual extractions, while using products designed to promote blemish control, & antibacterial/anti-inflammatory benefits. Glycolic peel included (or perfect dermal peel may be added at extra cost). You may also be prescribed oral or topical medication for the treatment of acne.

Anti-Aging Signature Facial

This facial treatment aims to improve the texture, tone, and firmness of the skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and enhance overall skin health and vitality. They can be customized based on individual skin concerns and goals. Lactic peel included.

Hydrating Signature Facial

This facial treatment is perfect for anyone with dry skin looking to add moisture and overall, a healthy, refreshed, and hydrated finish to skin. Benefits include enhanced plump skin and improved tone and texture. *Peel of choice can be added at extra cost.

Glow Facial

This facial treatment is perfect for anyone looking to maintain preexisting facial results, monthly facial deep cleansing of pores, and or overall wanting a healthy glow finish to skin. *Peel of choice can be added at extra cost.

Pre-Chemical Peel

This is a great service prior to chemical peel treatment as it will help open pores for deeper cleansing and further enable skin to absorb ingredients from your chemical peel treatment that will follow.

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