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If you are interest in any of Sunglow aesthetics services, kindly book your appointment using the button below and you will get the pre and post instruction for the exact service. 

Sunglow Aesthetics

Below are the general instructions for all services.

Before You Book...

You are pregnant or breastfeeding

In the treatment area, you have an active cold sore outbreak 

During your appointment or in the two weeks prior to it, you are sick

The Covid vaccination was given to you two weeks ago

No make- up on the areas to be treated

Laser hair removal patients should not wear lotion, deodorant, or makeup

Avoid NSAIDS like aspirin, Aleve, Ibuprofen, Advil, Toreador, Naproxen, etc at least 72hrs before your appointment

If you have a pre-existing condition, please obtain a clearance ( not more than 60 days old) from your doctor prior to your appointment

You will be required to show your ID card if you are checking out with a credit card

No dental for at least 30 days after PDO threads procedure

2 weeks before or 2 weeks after your filler appointment, do not have any dental work done

Be sure to

 ..have eaten a meal to avoid light-headedness

..not bring in additional guest that is not getting services. children or pets

We urge everyone to plan their travel time ahead, and arrive on time. We may allow 15mins grace period before the appointment is cancelled and deposit forfeited

We understand that emergencies and other issues arise and are out of your control. However, as our business is appointment based, advance notice allows us to fulfill other clients’ needs. Please call the office within 24 hours notice to avoid forfeiting your deposit.

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